Aloha Plenty Slack Key in a Hanalei Taropatch
                                               "Tuning Your World To Aloha!"                            Photo Courtesy of Steve Alterman
Doug & Sandy McMaster's     Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

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Sandy & the Slack Key Guy
When Doug was six, he convinced his father to order a Roy Rogers & Trigger guitar from the mail order catalog.  And he's been playing slack key guitar - ki ho'alu - ever since.

Years later, in the house Sandy shared with college roommates there was an old green couch and next to it sat a roommate's acoustic guitar in a stand.  Upon entering the room, Doug asked permission to play the guitar.  Sandy watched as he fiddled with the tuners and started to play the most beautiful music she had ever heard.  That first year he bought her a guitar and started teaching her to play this beautiful music.  

Over twenty five years have passed and throughout they have created and shared Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele in the traditional style.  Inspired by traditional greats Raymond Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, and Leonard Kwan; contemporary greats Keola Beamer, Ledward Kaapana, and Moses Kahumoku; they have dedicated their lives to perpetuating slack key music.

Ho'omau - Continue the Tradition
Slack key is a family tradition.  Doug & Sandy McMaster are prolific composers and storytellers.  While living on Molokai, Doug became known as the 'slack key guy' after receiving the seal of approval from local slack key master Kelii Mawae. Moving home to Kauai from Molokai in 1999, they began giving regular concerts with special emphasis on sharing the history of the beautiful and rare Hawaiian tradition. These concerts are held in the Hanalei Family Community Center against the backdrop of magnificent mountains, taro fields, traditional hula halau, and amazing rainbows. Visit the live dates section to see the schedule.

Sunset Serenade International Tour
Every evening underneath the ironwoods behind the lifeguard tower by Hanalei Bay, the soothing sounds of slack key serenade the sun to sleep.  This too, is a family tradition first cemented with the encouragement of Aunty Edith and dog friend Betty.   People from all walks of life and all over the world join them in watching the magical light shows of Hanalei Sunsets -- a new kind of international tour!

Join the Worldwide Slack Key 'Ohana (Family)
In response to our fans demands, we've released 10 instrumental music CDs, a Sunsets Screensaver, and a CD documentary of Hawaiian slack key music, and a Hawaiian Slack Key Relaxation CD, a Slack Key Sampler, and a DVD Documentary "SUNSET DIARY - The Secret Life of Slack Key Guitar". Everyone loves to take a little bit of Hanalei and the magic of ki ho'alu at sunset home with them.  Our CDs bring the soothing relaxation of Hanalei and ki ho'alu to them whenever they need it in their daily lives in other parts of the world.

Please Click Here to Order a CD today...
for a gift of aloha for yourself, a loved one, or an organization that helps others such as people & animal hospitals, rescue/crisis centers, ... any place of healing and recovery. Help yourself and help us achieve our mission of spreading the spirit of aloha throughout the world...
"Tuning the Universe... One String At a Time"

Sandy and Doug in Kokee
Doug by the Bay
Sandy by the Bay with Ukulele Helper

"Set against the sounds of the beautiful surf of Hanalei Bay, this music will instantly relax you and put you right on the beach. ... If you're in Kaua'i, be sure to visit them for their daily sunset shows, but if you can't make it there, this CD [In A Land Called Hanalei] is the next best thing."

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