Aloha Plenty Slack Key in a Hanalei Taropatch
                                               "Tuning Your World To Aloha!"                            Photo Courtesy of Steve Alterman
Doug & Sandy McMaster's     Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

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E Ola Mau Ki Ho'alu -- Long Live Slack Key!
Doug & Sandy McMaster

"There's only one thing more relaxing than listening to Hawaiian slack key guitar music. And that's playing slack key guitar. I have just a handful of tunes I've picked up since visiting you in Hanalei last April. I thank you both for the gift." - Bill

"I also wanted to thank Doug for taking some time after the concert to talk to me. I have been playing slack key for a couple of years now, but since I live in New Jersey, you can well imagine that there just aren't any folks playing slack key. Doug took time to encourage me and offer advice - I can't thank you enough. In a world where everyone is too busy to take out even a minute to talk, you gave me our most precious gift - time."

"You've both done so much for me. You, Doug, by the example of your beautiful, clean, and aloha-inspired playing, and Sandy, by your kind, generous words of encouragement that day on Hanalei beach, got me started on my new life with slack key. I'll always be grateful." - John

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