Aloha Plenty Slack Key in a Hanalei Taropatch
                                               "Tuning Your World To Aloha!"                            Photo Courtesy of Steve Alterman
Doug & Sandy McMaster's     Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

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Ukulele, Slack Key Style

Slack Key Style


Our Newest CD
Now Available!
Presented in
ecofriendly digipak.

  • 16 Tracks (56 minutes)
  • Recorded LIVE on the Lanai complete with tradewinds, rain, birdsongs, roosters, goats, and geckos!
With the ukulele, the fun never stops!

Ukulele, Slack Key Style CD Cover

CD $20
FREE Shipping

Kanilea GL6 Kiku,
Kamaka Queen LiLiu 6 string tenor

A Kiku (pronounced "kee-koo") is a specialized ukulele with a tenor sized body, a wider fretboard, and six strings.

The standard six string tenor has two strings that are doubled with a string that is an octave apart and the standard width fretboard.

TRACK SAMPLES: 56 minutes   
Click on Underlined tracks for sample
1. Hanalei Bridge
2. Kauai Homecoming
3. Old Timers' Hula
4. Sea Turtle Serenade
5. Nanea Kou Maka
6. Mai Ae I Ka Hewa
7. Ki Ho'alu Hanalei
8. Hula Medley
9. Kelii's Slack Key Jam
10. Pua Sadinia
11. Hula Doll
12. Puff, the Magic Dragon
13. Opihi Moe Moe
14. Molokai Mongoose
15. Radio Hula
16. Hawaii Aloha

CD photo of Hanalei Bay by Steve Alterman. By permission.
Ukulele Lanai photo by Sandy McMaster. By permission.
2017 release in the McMaster Slack Key Collection. New, fun, happy, lively and spirited -- Ukulele in the slack key style... from our Lanai to yours.


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