Aloha Plenty Slack Key in a Hanalei Taropatch
                                               "Tuning Your World To Aloha!"                            Photo Courtesy of Steve Alterman
Doug & Sandy McMaster's     Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar & Ukulele

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"After reading your story of Christmas eve morning on Kauai, I could not avoid responding. My wife and I have spent many memorable moments on the north shore of Kauai and I literally got chills when I read your story. You painted such a vivid picture that I felt like I was standing there on the shore at sunrise, surrounded by the stunning beauty of that place at that moment. What a wonderful gift you have shared through your words." - Mahalo nui loa, Thom Tash

" Mahalo nui loa for your magical image of whales jumping into the rainbow. What a beautiful sight for the heart to behold. May your hearts be filled with the blessings and abundant good will this season and into the New Year." - Katherine Mapes-Resnik,

"Aloha! We just received the wonderful relaxation CD you sent via Nancy and Cookie last August. As soon as we got it home, we put it on,and , of course, fell immediately asleep! Well. you can see that it was successful!" - Anne & Tom Cutler, Indiana

They arrived yesterday --- two copies of your Feel Better Music CD !!! Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo ! It's absolutely wonderful ! I've played it numerous times already and can't find adequate words to express how it makes me feel. All your music captivates me and the power of this one is even greater. Your beautiful music highlighted by Sandy's soft and soothing voice is a "lullaby for grown-ups" !!! I feel like I'm all wrapped up in a warm, fuzzy blanket as I close my eyes and listen to it !!!!!
Yes, I am truly mesmerized by this one. And yes, it truly makes me "feel better" all over !!!" - Marian and Dale Upton, Virgina


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